Teacher Pipelines

Your school district is only as good as its people, plain and simple. Paul is experienced at building robust pipelines of teachers and school leaders. Services are all tailored to meet the specific needs of clients, keeping in mind their unique organizational cultures, values, and team dynamics. Please inquire to discuss your needs in greater detail.


Undoing Unconscious Bias

A truly diverse workplace is about more than numbers -- it’s about creating an environment where people of varying identities and experiences feel valued and seen. That means the real work needs to be done by those from more well-represented identities to understand their own biases more clearly. Oftentimes, that means it’s work that white men need to do. And it’s not easy.

Paul works closely with organizations who are ready to do the meaningful work of creating a safe and equitable workplace. All workshops are designed to meet your specific needs and include on-site workshops, day-long offsites, and multi-day retreats. Please inquire to discuss your needs in greater detail.